WG2 | Methodological research tools and intervention best-practices

WG2 | Methodological research tools and intervention best-practices

Leader: Claudia Petrescu (Romania)
Vice-Leader: Emre Erdogan (Turkey)


This WG contributes to establish a rural NEETs’ online observatory and to foster policy-makers and practitioners’ knowledge use.


  • Summarizing the methodological best-practices: WG2 will map national research trends regarding their methodological approaches. This will involve: (a) agreeing on criteria for inclusion/exclusion studies (given that evidence on rural NEETs is usually dispersed among studies focused on rural youth or at-risk youths); (b) agreeing on a checklist of criteria to assess the methodological quality of the research pieces; (c) applying the inclusion and the checklist according to a common methodology; and (d) classifying the research methodologically along a continuum of quality.
  • Summarizing the best-practices at the intervention level: this WG will also map national intervention trends. A similar path will be followed to classify intervention trends, such as the one presented in task 2.1.. Key stakeholders will be involved in each task: while task 2.1. may stress the involvement of ECI, task 2.2. will focus more strongly on youth, NGO or public service delivery.
  • Reporting and dissemination: four types of output will be prepared: two manuals for best-practices classification; two major reports, one on methodological best-practices and another on intervention best-practices; at least 6 case studies, one for each level of the action’s model, highlighting the most promising methodological and intervention practices (3 of each); and policy-briefs, especially designed to target policy-makers, as well as professionals, with recommendations for more effective policy and practice. All output will be gathered and archived in the form of a best-practices repository, as part of the rural NEETs’ online observatory.

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