With the recent COVID-19 outburst, COST Actions have become seriously limited in promoting the involvement of stakeholders, whether they are other researchers and scholars, policy-makers, representatives of public services or NGO’s.
In the case of CA 18213, this is a very demanding situation.
That is why we offer this webinars sessions for all the members, stakeholders and persons interested in our topic.


24.June.2020 – 15:00h CET | PREMIUM SESSION
Aleksandar Lukic (University of Zagreb, CRO)

Rurality: Meaning and defining dimensions

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29.June.2020 – 15:00h CET | PREMIUM SESSION
Massimiliano Mascherini (Head of Social Affairs Unit, Eurofound)

NEETs: profiles and typologies

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09.July.2020 – 15:00h CET | PREMIUM SESSION
Jale Tosun (Heidelberg University, GER)

Youth participation in labour markets: Insights from 11 European countries

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16.July.2020 – 15:00h CET | PREMIUM SESSION
Antonella Rocca (University of Naples, IT)

Being NEET in Europe Before and After the Economic Crisis: An Analysis of the Micro and Macro Determinants

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More sessions will be announced very soon. Visit the webinar webpage to know more about this program.