COST CA18213 🎓 Call for Mentees (Till 31st October) 
If you are an Early Career Researcher (up to 8 years after PhD), or a PhD students and you are developing research about topics in #RuralNEETYouth

🎓 Call for Mentees

CALL Open until 31st October 2021

If you are an Early Career Researcher (researchers up to 8 years after their PhD completion), or a PhD students and you are developing research about topics in Rural NEET Youth, you have to JOIN us in our Mentoring Program.

We have open a Call for Mentees of our 2 Mentoring Groups and you can apply until the 31st October 2021.

Here you have our 2 Mentoring groups, where you can review the topics and the details of each Mentoring Program. When you have reviewed the detail, you can apply to be our next Mentee and have all theses opportunities:

  • To receive intensive training on the development and preparation of research project proposals on the topic.
  • To develop the capacity to design and develop interdisciplinary and applied research at national and international levels on NEETs across countries, focusing both on rural and urban contexts.
  • To be part of a network of researchers, actively involving researchers from less research-intensive COST Countries (ITC countries), with the capacity to capture funding to develop applied and interdisciplinary research on “NEETs and PES”.
  • To participate and engage in activities aiming to involve young people, stakeholders and policymakers in the elaboration and implementation of research projects on rural youth participation.
  • To participate in the design, development and submission of a funding proposal at local, national and/or regional level (EU) within the lifetime of the mentorship programme.
Select one of the Mentoring Groups to Apply to the Call for Mentees

More info about Mentoring program: