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Call for Collaborative publication

Final application deadline: 31th August, 2021 [EXTENDED]
** IMPORTANT NOTE: All the submissions should be for paper that are already accepted in final revision for publication or already published.

Call for Collaborative Publication

Form to send the propposal

As part of the second grant period of COST Action 18213 – Rural NEET Youth Network (RNYN), a call is open for supporting Action members in advancing their publication collaborative efforts.

For reasons associated with effective spending during the grant period only peer-reviewed articles are admissible under this call. For that reason, priority is given to submitted papers, but papers still to be submitted are admissible.

For papers still to be submitted, journals with a fast-track peer-review process are recommended, to make sure the publication is out before the 31st of October 2021 (end of the second grant period).

The maximum awarded funding per paper is 3.500 euros.

The call includes three types of support:

  1. Proofreading services;
  2. Open-access licenses;
  3. Publication fees.

When submitting their proposal, the authors may request support for more than one type of support (for instance, they may request funds for proofreading and open-access licenses).

Important note: in order to be funded, the publication must comply with COST rules for funding publications, meaning that the work must be authored by authors from at least three different Action member countries. Journals must also be according to COST publication ranks rules (at least Q3 in Scimago). Please check COST publications regulations under COST Vademecum, Section 10.3, Scientific Publications:

Below check some examples of works that would be (not) admissible for this call, under the COST rules for publication:

  • One paper with three authors from three different countries (e.g. Spain, Portugal and Italy) – one of the authors is not a member of the Action – admissible – the criteria is membership of the country to the Action and not being a member of the Action.
  • One paper with three authors from three different countries (e.g. Spain, Portugal and Finland) – one of the authors is not from a member country of the Action – not admissible – Finland is not part of RNYN.


The proposals must be submitted no later than the 31th of August 2021 [EXTENDED] 
** IMPORTANT NOTE: All the submissions should be for paper that are already accepted in final revision for publication or already published.

Evaluation procedure

The submitted works will be assessed by a jury of 3 members of the Action who will not be involved in the authorship of any submitted paper. The jury will be composed  of the following three Action members:

  • Member 1 (Coordinator): Antonella Rocca (ITA)
  • Member 2: Frida Jonsson (SWE)
  • Member 3: Vicent Querol (SPA)

Assessment Criteria

The Action will focus on high-quality standards and the dissemination potential of each work, based on the following criteria:

Scientific relevance criteria (up to 75 points)

  1. The article is going to be submitted to a relevant international outlet according to Scimago (35 points in case it is ranked as Q1 and 25 points in case it is ranked as a Q2, 15 if it is ranked Q3);
  2. The article results from the collaborative activities in the WGs and constitutes one of the Action’s deliverables (15 points);
  3. The article focuses on one of the following relevant themes for the Action: NEETs conceptualization and typologies; mobility and rural youth; formal education in rural areas; informal education in rural areas; informal support in rural areas; youth (un)employment in rural areas; rural development/agriculture and youth employment (15 points):
  4. The article is already submitted and is under review (10 points).

Additional criteria (up to 25 points)

  1. The list of authors includes at least one author affiliated with an institution based on an ITC country (+ 15 points in case of two or more authors are from an ITC country; + 7.5 points in case of one author is from an ITC country);
  2. The list of authors includes an Early Career Investigator (PhD completed 8 years ago or less) or a Ph Students (+ 10 points for two or more ECI/PhD students as authors; + 5 points for one ECI/ PhD student as author).

The proposal must reach at least 50 points to be accepted for publication.

Procedure and Timeline

  1. Proposals are submitted using the following form by one of the authors;
  2. The submitted proposal generates an email alert to the president of the jury;
  3. The jury assesses the proposal within 5 consecutive days, based on the presented criteria;
  4. The decision is then communicated to the author by the president of the jury.

Final dispositions

The call will be closed if the maximum budget approved for this call by the MC is reached (10.000,00 Euros).

All papers supported by this call have to declare their funding in the acknowledgment section as it follows: This publication is based upon work from COST Action CA18213 Rural NEET Youth Network, supported by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology).

Form to send the propposal

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