Mentoring Group | NEETs and Public Employment Services

Mentoring Group | NEETs and PES

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The mentoring program “NEETs and PES” is finalized to orient young researchers (mentees) to study NEETs and the possible actions that could help them to exit from this status, first of all those connected with the Public Employment Offices (PES).
NEETs are mainly young people which after completing education fail in unemployment or inactivity. The reasons for this condition are manifold, but essentially, when they complete studies, they lack of job experience and of experience in job search. Therefore, it is important to study the mechanisms which will contribute to improve their employability, helping them to acquire the skills they lack and not giving up.
Studying NEETs requires an interdisciplinary approach, based both on qualitative and quantitative research and involving: sociology, education, economy and statistics. As it is a phenomenon that needs, besides a theoretical approach, an applied one, in our mentoring program we aim to involve and study how the Public Employment Services (PES) may help young people in job search, both if living in rural and in urban areas. This involvement will guarantee a direct channel to study and interact with NEETs.







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