National Dissemination Meetings (CLOSED)

[CLOSED] Call for the organization of National Dissemination Meetings

Call National Dissemination Meetings – Winter 2022

  • Meetings occurring no later than the 30th of September 2022
  • Final application deadline is the 15th of July 2022

 Form: Submit your proposal for a National Dissemintaion Meeting

As part of the third grant period of COST Action 18213 – Rural NEET Youths Network (RNYN), we are calling members from all countries to organize National Dissemination Meetings, within the Third Grant period of the Action. This call is provided due to the fact that the COVID-19 outburst imposes severe limitations to the organization’s international meetings. As an alternative, CA 18213 is proposing to fund meetings at a national level to address two main goals: (a) to promote stakeholders involvement (researchers, policy-makers, professionals); and (b) to ensure quick and meaningful dissemination of RNYN deliverables of both Action Working Groups (WG).

National Dissemination Meetings might have many different formats (whole-day conference, workshops, round-tables). They might focus only on discussing CA 18213 deliverables or have a wider scope including specific moments for these deliverables presentation and discussion.

Irrespectively of the format and content, proposed meetings must comply with the following mandatory rules:

  1. Funded meetings are physical meetings (although parallel, online streaming is admissible);
  2. Inclusion of at least one moment (e.g. one panel, one presentation or one discussion) for presenting one of the CA 18213 deliverables;
  3. Including representatives of local, regional and/or national level policy-making institutions in the list of invited speakers;
  4. Aligning the scope of the meeting with the current annual thematic priorities (rural NEETs social networks, formal and non-formal education in rural areas, employment and employment services in rural areas, rural NEETs and sustainability), in case the meeting proposal is beyond the mere presentation of CA 18213 deliverables;
  5. Meetings will be funded only in countries where CA 18213 has not yet organized national dissemination meetings.
  6. To clearly identify ECI from the organizing country both in the organization of the meeting as well.
  7. To target an expected audience of at least 50 people;
  8. To organize the meeting between the 1st of January of 2022 and the 30th of September 2022.
  9. To deliver a short report of the meeting, when submitting their payment request.

Funding for each meeting is limited to a maximum of 2000 EUR, covering the following expenses:

  • Local Organizer Support (LOS) expenses (please check COST , section 7, page 29);
  • Within-country daily allowance and travel (only if the meeting takes place over 100km from home) of invited speakers, through the;
  • For any question or derogation, please contact Leonardo Sousa (

Important note: to cover invited speakers expenses, these must be registered in e.COST and receive an official invitation from the Action to be reimbursed. Thus, Local Organizers must ensure that the invited speakers’ email is provided to Leonardo Sousa (, the Grant Holder Administrative Officer of the Action.

The proposals must be submitted no later than the 15th July 2022.

The call will work on the basis of first comes, first serves. In case the proposals comply with the up-mentioned criteria, they will be immediately accepted.

Proposals will be checked by the members of the communication team composed by the following members:

  • Mariano Soler-Porta (Science Communication Manager) (Spain)
  • Daniela Mamucevska (North Macedonia)
  • Muhammet Berigel (Turkey)

In order to apply to this National Dissemination Meetings call, CA 18213 members must fill in the form made available here:

A short report form should be sent after the meeting:

Final remark: Please note that the COST Association and Action’s Grant holder can request additional information to substantiate the information contained within the documents submitted by proponents.

Useful links:

 Form: Submit your proposal for a National Dissemination Meeting


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