We have reach almost 40 publications…
Have you read them?

An important part of our COST Action about Rural NEET Youth is the publication of our research. Now we have reach almost 40 publications in different formats and journals. Have your read all of them?

You can check them all out on our website in https://rnyobservatory.eu/web/publications

Special Issue “European Rural NEETs: A Snapshot” in Youth & Society (January 2022)


Special issue “Strategies, policies, programs and projects for youth rural NEETs” (November 2021)


Special Issue “Lessons on Building More Sustainable Rural Societies: Youth and Mobility” (September 2021) (ISSN 2071-1050)


Manual for the Classification of Intervention Best-Practices With Rural NEETs (December 2020) ISBN: 978-989-781-406-8


National reports about Rural NEETs across Europe – 2009-2019 (14 countries) (December 2020) ISBN: 978-989-781-408-2

Our COST Action about Rural NEET Youth can help you to publish your Research with our Collaborative publication funds. See more here:

Collaborative Publications