Extended 15th November 🎓 Call for new Researchers and PhD

COST CA18213 🎓 Call for Mentees
(Extended till 15th November 2021) 

  • Do you have an idea for a research project focusing on Rural youth?
  • Do you need support from senior international researchers to develop your idea?
  • Are you struggling to find the best funding source for your idea?
  • And can you imagine all of this coming for FREE
Well, maybe the Rural NEET Youth Network mentoring program is for you. READ MORE


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New paper published: Time to Get Emotional: Determinants of University Students’ Intention to Return to Rural Areas

We are pleased to announce that a new paper supported under our call for collaborative publications has just been published in Sustainability.

Time to Get Emotional: Determinants of University Students’ Intention to Return to Rural Areas

Sustainability 202113(9), 5135;

The social sustainability of rural areas is affected by the phenomenon of “brain drain” due to younger generations’ outward migration. Our study examines how structural and subjective factors determine the returning intentions of university students over time, before completion of their studies. We conducted a longitudinal, 3-wave survey between 2018 and 2020, involving 349 students (Mean age = 21.89; 63.04% women) and originating from a rural, remote region of Portugal. Using a Tobit panel model approach for data analysis, we found that participants whose mothers had a university degree, who expected higher income 3 years after studies completion, and who were more attached to the place where they were studying were less inclined to return to their native rural area. Conversely, those who were more attached to their rural origins were more likely to show an increased interest in returning over time. Our findings show that university students originating from rural areas and their returning intentions are affected by both structural and subjective factors, in a context of increasing individualisation of mobility intentions and decision making. Consequently, decision makers must start to include the sustained promotion of youths’ emotional bonds to rural areas as a vector of education policy packages in order to combat rural brain drain.

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Newsletter (March 2021)

Newsletter – March 2021
The Newsletter is our tool to summarize the relevant tasks, events and more that we have done and we will do in the near future.
You will find extend info about all our action in the website, but now you can participate and stay tune of the most relevant and “should know” events in this Volume. Welcome again to our newsletter!


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