WG3 | Employment & employment services in rural areas

WG 3 | Employment & employment services in rural areas

Leader: Claudia Petrescu (ROM)

Vice-leader: Òscar Prieto-Flores (SPA)

WG3 is aimed at analyzing how employment in rural areas matches local opportunities and how employment services adequately support rural NEETs. To achieve that, some key questions must be addressed: (a) What are the incoming employment needs and opportunities in rural areas? (b) What are the main obstacles to access employment for the younger generations? (c) Do employment services have the necessary means to address rural NEETs? Are they a priority for these services? (d) How is the whole process of supporting rural NEETs (from outreach to job finding) organized? Are there best-practices that can be delivered as case studies? (e) How do the employment services match existing job offers with rural NEETs needs and skills? (f) How do the services articulate job finding with training?; and (g) how much is youth self-employment under the radar of employment initiatives in rural areas?

Keywords: employment; employment services; outreach; tracking; training; self-employment.



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