WG1 | Rural NEETs social networks and social inclusion

WG 1 | Rural NEETs social networks and social inclusion

Vice-leader: Tatiana Ferreira (POR)

WG1 aims at analyzing the roles of social networks (family, friends, neighbors, rural communities at large) and of social inclusion mechanisms, (namely risk and protective factors at the rural community level) for rural NEETs quality-of-life. Quality-of-life here is understood in a broader manner and according to all its dimensions (physical and/or psychological well-being, social development, socioeconomic condition, as well as educational and employment outcomes). Potential key questions to be analyzed are: (a) How are social networks organized around rural NEETs? (b) What are their main characteristics? (c) What are the main factors at the rural community level involved in rural NEETs social inclusion? (d) How do social networks and rural community factors contribute to rural NEETs overall quality-of-life? and (e) How do these networks compensate for the lack or the inadequacy of formal/institutional support in rural areas?

social networks; rural communities; risk/protective factors; social inclusion; quality-of-life.



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