WG1 | Knowledge exchange and networking

WG1 | Knowledge exchange and networking

Leader: Alen Mujcinovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Vice-leader: Daniela Mamucevska (North Macedonia)


This group builds up on creating future research capacity on topics associated to rural NEETs.


  • Establishing multi-disciplinary research networks and annual thematic priorities: WG1 will establish annual thematic priorities across the layers of the bioecological model, namely rural NEETs’ individual profile, their informal and formal support systems. Potential thematic priorities are: psychosocial profile of rural NEETs; transition to the labor market; involvement in agriculture sector, among others. Focusing on these main avenues, RNYN will be able to outline rural NEETs as an explicit NEET subgroup.
  • Establishing the national baseline: through knowledge sharing and networking of different key stakeholders, the partners will gather information to depict social exclusion mechanisms affecting rural NEETs on each of the suggested levels of the model, for each country. This information will be gathered in the form of national reports (one for each country), but also in terms of two annual cross-country reports (year 2 and 3) that set international comparisons around the priority thematic areas.
  • Integrating knowledge in a comprehensive, coherent model: during the first three years, accumulated knowledge will be integrated and disseminated across all types of stakeholders through a series of events (e.g. training schools). Information from national reports and cross-country reports will be compiled and integrated in the fourth year, in terms of a comprehensive model of rural NEETs in Europe.

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